Much mirth and merry making

Nut Hollow has recently seen the latest fairy to make it to 200!  Tafferne, daughter of Taffer and Nerne RIP, celebrated in traditional style with a party at the foot of the Learning Tree.  After several very short speeches mostly consisting of one or two words and a bit of a well intentioned grunt from Greagle, the good people sang, ate and drank long into the early hours.  It was noted that many of the local robins were in particularly good voice especially Rithacus himself.

So moved was he that he recited a new poem called the ‘Dream Sniffle’

‘The humans above, that disastrous lot
Have very large noses all bursting with snot
With tissues and hankies they eternally blow
Stuff through their nostrils, ‘tis bright green you know

They splutter and cough and moan with the cold
Worse than dear Grochin if truth be told
One night for fun while perched on some roses
A fairy thought of a trick for their noses

“If we linked by a spell their colourful dreams
To each runny snout they’d come out in reams
Then when asleep and started to snore
Released would be dragons and creatures galore!”

And so to the bedroom late in the night
Quick flew the fairy to find asleep tight
The latest recruit to the mad cousin clan
Young Pádraig dozed unaware of the plan

His mum and his dad snored so loudly nearby
The windows did rattle as the fairy the did fly
And over their noses she sprinkled a potion
Then sat back and laughed at all the commotion

All of a sudden Padraig’s dad gave a sneeze
And from his left nostril a hippo did squeeze
Green on one side and pink on the other
Followed out fast by his polka dot brother

His mum rolled around and took a deep sniff
And out from her nose came a skunk! What a whiff!
But the smell was of flowers all fresh and new
The skunk was confused, “I should smell of poo!”

Padraig’s wee nose then started to twitch
Small fingers rose to deal with the itch
But before he could get it out came a goat
Made of ice cream with a pink overcoat!

The animals smiled and said ‘How do you do?’
It’s not often I’ve seen the likes of you.
This room will need room for magic galore.’
Padraig’s proud parents continued to snore

Next from a nose came a three headed ape
With chocolate arms and a marsh mallow cape
Up to the ceiling floated five mice
With fur made of fire and tails made of ice

With the hullabaloo Pádraig opened his eyes
Can you imagine at all his total surprise?
His father and mother were slowly awaking
And both squealed aloud, in bed they lay quaking

“What madness is this?  Look at your nose!”
Said Dad, as from Mum’s came liquorice cellos.
Oh no! Look at yours!” All heard him wail
As slowly reversed a white elephant’s tail.

Meanwhile the fairy giggled and laughed
“I’d better stop this or else they’ll go daft.”
With a click of her fingers all disappeared
Relief spread around as noses were cleared.

So next time you snooze with a fairy about
Beware of the things that come out of your snout
Just to be sure unwanted guests don’t impose
Keep fingers up nostrils when you think you might doze!

About divilthebit

Husband/father/musician (guitar, banjo) singer/songwriter/poet, storyteller, writer ( Irish speaker, B&B proprietor
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