Second Glance

Second glanceWhen someone catches your eye…

Second Glance

It isn’t you I see in the street. I know that.
But curious the way she smiles,
the way she flicks her hair forces me
to look. For a long second I am beguiled

again but I walk on past this stranger.
It isn’t you I see in the street. I know.
But in this instant it is as if another
has stolen you and in my mind I follow

until she meets him and laughs aloud.
They, unknowing of attention, kiss
and walk to the café at the roundabout
to create a future, perhaps this.

It isn’t you I see. I know. By what gift
these moments occur? My eyes compare
many faces and unwittingly measure
idiosyncrasies in just too long a stare.

Recollections of such; on trains;
on buses; in shopping aisles as chance
lets us meet later and discuss likeness.
Seeing you, beats every circumstance…

About divilthebit

Husband/father/musician (guitar, banjo) singer/songwriter/poet, storyteller, writer ( Irish speaker, B&B proprietor
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