Zomboy and Scream Teen

Zomboy and Scream Teen

‘I haven’t eaten brains in more than a year,’
Zomboy sighed, releasing a tear.
He missed skin and bones and all sorts of goo,
stuff they wouldn’t even eat in a zoo!

‘I know what you mean,’ Scream Teen replied,
nibbling on fingers, crunchily fried.
‘Patience,’ she whispered picking her teeth,
Halloween releases all underneath!’

Zomboy smiled and said, ‘I can’t wait.
Vampires, werewolves and us all up late.
Plenty of victims asleep in their beds
oh how I love the insides of their heads!’

One of my faves is brains and fried ears,
especially the waxy ones, tasty my dear.
Next, nostril soup, so full of snot
bogeys are spicy believe it or not!

‘I like my brains raw,’ Scream Teen declared
‘Squishy and bloody is most preferred.’
The two chatted on, appetites growing,
the clouds moved away the full moon was glowing.

Howls followed then the two of them winked
‘That’ll be Will,’ glasses they clinked.
‘What big teeth!’ Zomboy applauded
‘Brushes em daily,’ Scream Teen nodded

‘Finest fangs this side of Dublin,’
the cauldron nearby loudly was bubblin’.
‘Let’s go and eat,’ Zomboy did say
Halloween doesn’t last more than a day!’

The worlds did their bit, closer together
they moved like birds of a feather.
A doorway appeared and in they pored
ghouls, ghosts so loudly they roared.

Carlow, Clare, Castlewellan were filled
with horrors as inward they spilled.
From the realm all things fantastic,
meant that surely events would be drastic.

Zomboy slow sharpened his deadliest sword
And held it high for the murderous horde
‘Let’s feast on flesh this Halloween.’
Blood chilling yells now set the scene.

From house to house and door to door
The walking dead wreaked havoc and more.
Gruesome and gory they emptied each house
No pets were spared not even a mouse.

The trail of blood down the street was a sight
No one in Carey would forget this night
Houses so silent all rooms now void,
death’s cold hands busily employed.

Suddenly Zomboy felt very strange
as around him slowly the room rearranged.
In through the window daylight’s beam
awoke him. It had all been a dream!

‘I’m Tóla not Zomboy,’ he calmly reflected.
‘It’s Katie not Scream Teen,’ he now recollected.
But there on his door twisted and bloody
his sword. (He couldn’t be could he?)

Katie asked grinning, ‘You fancy some food?
We’ll get some tonight? Gonna be good.’
‘But it was only a dream?’ Said Tóla unsure
‘Fraid not bro, for us there’s no cure!’

‘For some sleep means rest, not me n’ you,
Each Halloween the old curse comes true.
Out we must go and those we might meet
Ask them this question…Trick or eat!’


About divilthebit

Husband/father/musician (guitar, banjo) singer/songwriter/poet, storyteller, writer (www.nuthollow.com) Irish speaker, B&B proprietor http://www.wix.com/divilthebit/teachancheoil
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