Beneath a Bridge

judys bridge

Today we walked beneath a bridge
that carries all shoulder high
and every rocky, stoney ridge
meant magic, for them and I.

Those silent columns and the arch
span the river running free
over boulders defying the march
of our limited earthly destiny.

The lad (of course) is first to shout
and answering his ‘hurrah harroo’
come echoes from realms out
of where trolls might rule.

The lass, a while ahead in years,
examines spiderwebs and grass.
The arrival of her future nears
but not before such moments pass.

The lady then who stole my heart
walks behind our charges fair.
Content she smiles as they start
skimming stones and splashing there.

Eternal whispers of the wind
meet the never ending call
of water falling and so twinned
cast their spell for one and all.

That I may call them family
and hold them tight here below
is wizardry indeed for me
with secrets only bridges know.



About divilthebit

Husband/father/musician (guitar, banjo) singer/songwriter/poet, storyteller, writer ( Irish speaker, B&B proprietor
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